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How mens bodies effect their dating Experience

By Bennie Lloyd 0 Comment April 22, 2019

Mens Bodies are one of the problems that could deter them from dating the right girl. Often we don’t really want to talk about it but it a subject we can’t just slide under the table and pretend like it isn’t there, because it is there always staring at you.

Many guys have concluded that they would never succeed with the woman of their dream, They look at themselves in the mirror and see something un-attractive – a person that the average women wouldn’t want to date.
It’s not only how confident you feel in your body that can be problematic, but how you feel in your clothes as well. In today’s fashion conscious world – not having the right body or the right clothes can be devastating to you dating attempts.

Bottom line….if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, dating can be a pretty intimidating experience with all sorts of fears about how your body will appear to your partner if you ever make it into the bedroom.

Mens Bodies matters

It’s probably all too easy to look at current male role models with their taut, rippling abs and pectorals and to feel insecure because you don’t have the six pack you want. In the past, men used to value themselves according to their status, power and possessions. But nowadays men’s body are becoming increasingly important. In what matters in the dating stakes. Gym work has become increasingly popular as a means of turning men’s body into sculptured masterpieces, and muscle dysmorphia for men is growing along with prevalence of dieting and weight loss for men.
Men are becoming increasingly aware of how their bodies and their health are affected by exercise and nutrition. In the past men never had to be concerned about taking a woman on a date and having to worry about what they can and cannot eat on the menu for fear of gaining weight. Traditionally this used to be something woman would concern themselves with – but not men. But for men who are self-conscious about their bodies, this can be an unexpected worry when it comes to dining out on a date – especially a first time date.

Mens bodies and how to feel comfortable with yours

Remember that you are much more than just skin and bones fashioned into a body. You may be critical of your body, but remember that you’re probably by far your harshest critic, others probably don’t see your faults in quite the same way as you do. If you don’t have the perfect body, what other fabulous characteristics do you have that the girl of your dreams could love about you? Is it your sense of humor? Your Smile? Your gentleness? Your love of animals?
Remember that the average woman is far more interested in a man that is interested in her than than how their body looks on the outside Choose someone whose dress sense you like and go on a shopping expedition. Buy clothes that make you feel sexy, cool or desirable and then walk tall.

Remember confidence is sexy.

If you don’t feel confident in your body, us the ‘act as if’ principle. As yourself, how would you walk if you were fully confident? How would you talk? How would you act? And then act as if you are fully self-confident. and watch your dates turn into success. There’s nothing wrong with doing exercise to tone up or bulk up slightly. But it’s not the man’s body that puts most women off. The average woman is more put off by a mans insecurities about their body than the shape and size of their body itself.
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