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Guide To Approaching Women | How To Attract Women Tips

By Bennie Lloyd 0 Comment March 23, 2019

Do you want a super-simple primer on approaching women? Here’s mine for you.
So imagine this – you’re standing there at a bar, and from the side of your eyes you see this really cute girl who’s walking by you. You know you have to act now, or lose her forever. If you’re like most guys, your mind starts racing “what do I say?”, “But I can’t stop here while she’s walking, that’s rude”, “oh but wow, what if I never get a chance to ever meet her again”, “oh, wait, she looked my way, I think she did? She’s interested?”, “no, maybe she was just looking around”.

And if, again, you’re like most guys… By the time you’re done battling your rationalizations inside your head… She’s gone. She leaves. You’ve missed your opportunity. And now, you feel like something is wrong with you.
Well, I have a secret to reveal to you, it doesn’t have to be this way, and I know because I’ve helped hundreds of guys overcome this over the years, and over-time I’ve managed to extract and isolate the key elements of doing this. Here they are in order of importance:

Be Exciting

So you’re thinking “Ok dude, that sounds all good, but, don’t you have anything more concrete than that?” And my answer is this – it works! Just picture this for a second: You walk into a bar with 3 hot female friends and 2 super cool buddies. You immediately start bantering and joking around with the females in your group… as you’re dancing, and as you’re having fun. You walk around the bar and greet anyone you even remotely know and introduce yourself to people. Guess what happens when a cute girl walks by? There is not a second of doubt in your mind! You’re already running around and being fun and social!

So yes, it sounds all new-age and woo-woo, I realize this… But it does work as simply as that! You just walk up there, and say hi to her. Why? Because that’s what you’ve been doing all night! You don’t even think about it. Its just your next person to talk to.

Be Zen-Like

Have you ever heard women describing guys as being creepy or pushy? Ever heard the disdain in their tone when they describe? Do you want to know what causes a guy to come across this way? Its all about having a goal. If you have this goal that you “must” get laid, must get her number, must get a date… You will come across as creepy and pushy.

So what’s the solution? Just change your goal! Your goal is not to marry her, your goal is not to start a relationship; your goal is not to pick her up. Heck, your goal is not even to get a kiss. Your ONLY goal when you see her, is to introduce yourself and see who she is. That’s it! You just want communicate to her that you’re interested, and find out if she’s interested back. If she’s not, that’s fine, you don’t care.

Eliminate Rejection, Gain Friends

The irony of having the “no goals” frame of mind is that women love it. Even if you’re not her type and she’s not interested… she’ll be flattered! If you walk up with this (respectful) approach of “I just want to offer you an opportunity, its ok if you don’t want it”, she’ll politely refuse the opportunity. She is still your friend though.
Now, you might be thinking “but wait, isn’t that rejection, didn’t she reject you!?”. Well, technically she didn’t escalate on the opportunity so yes in some way. But when you do this, it feels different. Its more like asking a friend to go to the cinema, and the friend saying he has a huge project he has to finish by the morning. You don’t see it as personal, and you’re still friends. This is kind of the same.

Have Female Friends

This is by far my most favorite way of introducing your attractiveness. You see, women have some evolutionary glitches. They are programmed to get attract to a guy who they see has female friends (the more, the better). With the method I introduced you to in step 2, you not only eliminated rejection, you also get tons of new friends! When you walk up to a woman just wanting to socialize… You either hit it off and do more… Or you end up as friends.
So all these female friends that you get are like seeds really. By having this female friend, you haven’t lost a potential lover. You’ve just gained hundreds of new ones? Think about all the hot friends she has, friends of her friends, acquaintances she knows. Just by hanging out with her, through her, you can meet hundreds of women. Whomever she says hi to when you’re out actually.

This is really all it comes down to. I know this guide sounds a bit too simple to be true. But it really is that simple, you just need to apply this stuff.

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