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How to Apologize to a Girl… Should I Apologize to My Girlfriend??

By Bennie Lloyd 0 Comment April 15, 2019

Here is how to apologize to your girlfriend when you go against the rules – the real men way. Do you even need to say I am sorry? history has it that the phrase “I am sorry” spurs a sudden surge of chemical reaction in women, it makes them feel accepted and cared for, it makes them feel like you are taking them along.

Still, should we apologize? Should I say I am sorry??

Does it just make them happy or is there something else? What else does the phrase “I am sorry” do to women? OK, I rarely apologize but I do apologize in a very simple way. Without the associating wail and cry and those numerous text messages that was never replied to

Simple ways to say I am sorry without all the accompanying hassles. When you go against the rules, I expect you to say “I am really sorry” and that would be enough. Women expect you to prove that you really mean it when you say that and of course, she wouldn’t jump right into your arms the moment you apologize, she would need some space, so give it to her.

Give her space and retire to your own environment. When you apologize the real man way, women become more prone to forgive and come back to you. So many guys would tell you that it is pretty wrong to apologize to your girlfriend but I would always kick against that, not when you really want to build a relationship.
Now, the simple message here is how you can apologize to your girlfriend when you are wrong without throwing sands on yourself. If you really want to stand like a real man and run a smooth relationship that would probably lead to so many things you need to behave like a man.

The simple message is that you need to be really ready to build a relationship if you want to have one.

And have you heard about the the right attitude that get women glued to you all the year long. Everything we do in a relationship, women interpret it their own way. The way you talk on the phone, how many hours you spend with her, the way you treat her and then the way you apologize, women interpret them their own way.

It doesn’t matter if you are being nice to make her happy, when you become too nice you would certainly look like another wussy trying to bribe her by offering cheap services it is good to call your girlfriend and when you call once or twice a day or at least said something reasonable; you are the real man but when you call ten times a day, you are turning into another wimp.

They tell you how they want to hear you say they are pretty and tell them how much you love them and all those songs that sounds sweet to them but when you over-do it, she would start looking another way. women have a way of testing men

Sometimes you just can’t figure out why she never returned all your calls, but you apologized and sent several text messages. Yes, she is offended, she is angry and you need to say ‘I am sorry” and how do you do that? simple, call her and apologize or send a simple text message, that is how to apologize

Hello chocolate, I am really sorry

Like I said, she would definitely play hard to get, give her space and retire to your own space, call back in a day or two. No throwing yourself off the cliff, no crying, no wailing and she would understand you did it in a manly manner. Like I said; women read us every step on the way it may be the way you apologized that would Turn her Off
Pretty ladies had often be turned off by some more flimsy excuses and you may never see it coming.
This is how to apologize, how to say “I am sorry” without looking like a wussy, without seeming desperate – like you would die if she leaves. Did you know that a pretty girl would leave you if you tell her you’d die if she leaves.
I don’t expect you to tread cautiously when dealing with women or act strictly to avoid mistakes but I do expect you to assume responsibility and be the head of the relationship. I do expect you to take responsibility but not to take up all her bills. Personally, I don’t spend much and they always want to be with me instead of the guy that wants to buy them over.

Women stick with tough guys and they don’t need to hit you with a sledge hammer to find out how tough you are, they don’t need to throw off the cliff and see if you would shatter, they do it find out how tough you are by playing their numerous dating games

And I said women test guys unconsciously, every step you make is interpreted in their own way, when you call twenty times in a day and when you call once or twice, when you apologize with tears like the baby who had his play-ball stolen or when you apologize the real man way, women interpret it however they want.
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