Making Friends and Influencing People - HD vs Live TVs

Making Friends and Influencing People

By Bennie Lloyd 0 Comment February 11, 2019

Social media has quickly changed the way people interact with each other and the world. On an individual basis, people can start pages on sites and supply all kinds of information. They can give their opinions, make friends, display what they like, indicated which causes they support, and share just about anything they want. Some people use it to contact family members or try to track down long lost friends or relatives. Some attempt to influence people regarding political views, morality, and beliefs. Pages can be organized to include photos, likes and dislikes, groups a person may belong to, and what they do for a living.

Cynthia on Facebook, for example, belongs to two groups. She is a member of Young Life Latin America, and Say Six! Fans and Former Employees of WCIX-TV Maimi. She currently has 49 friends on her page. She has 88 likes that include A.K. Products, Black Art Worldwide, and Ohio African American Christian Publication. There is much more information that can be found on her page.

It is possible she may be looking to increase the friends list, or may be getting compensated for some of her likes. Businesses often utilize individuals’ pages to advertise, place links, or mention certain products. Some companies offer free trials of new products to people with a specific number of friends on their page. They provide the products and ask page owners to comment on those products. That reaches huge amounts of people without a high advertising expense.

Businesses also have pages on social media sites to increase revenue, announce the launch of new products or lines, and provide coupons to customers.

Organizations and non-profit groups have pages to raise awareness of their cause or purpose, complete fund raising campaigns, and update information regarding specific issues or conditions. International businesses also have pages to reach a global market, spark an interest in their services or products, or introduce themselves to millions of people. Communication is now instant, and can reach many more people than ever before. The internet has brought the world closer together by linking individuals and groups from all over. Divides of distance and language no longer impede communication and connections.