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How Meeting Girls In College Can And Will Be Fun.

By Bennie Lloyd 0 Comment March 23, 2019

Meeting girls in college is different then meeting girls in high school. You need to know a lot more. Now being in college I’m sure your classes are full of woman you would like to get to know. College is going to be your new home for the next few years, so what better place to meet a girl. But how do you go about doing this.

I’m going to tell you how. But there are something you need to remember.

1) Don’t hit on someone that isn’t attracted to you. Just don’t do this, it makes you look bad if you fail. The thing about college is the girl you hit on has other girlfriends in college. If you hit one girl without have some attraction first and it goes bad your are shut down from that group of girls.
Take time to know the girl. Take time to build rapport and attraction. Then when she gives you interest back. Then and only then may you hit on her.

2) Approaching a girl in the daytime at college is different then approaching a girl at a club. Why? Cause it’s not like your not going to see her again. You go to the same collage. Maybe make small chat with her in the halls. Or maybe she’s in your class say hi. Girls don’t bit.

3) When your meeting girls in college or meeting any girl really, you need to build rapport. This is not hard people like to make it hard. But it’s really not. Think about it you go to the same college chat with her about it, about her classes, about your classes, about pretty much anything. That’s how you build rapport.

4) Meeting girls in college should be fun, don’t let it stress you out. That’s what school is for. Remember if a girl does shoot you down so what. Her loss on meeting a great guy. Or hey maybe she was having a bad day. Just don’t take it personally.

One last thing when it comes to meeting girls in college. Maybe girls freak the hell out of you, this is fine. I couldn’t talk to a girl to save myself. It took time and I had to get outside my comfort zone. If you really want to meet girls find out what your comfort zone is. Then stay out of it.

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