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How To Attract Girls – Helpful Tricks And Tips

By Bennie Lloyd 0 Comment March 23, 2019

Learning how to attract girls can take some work and even the most suave of men will have worked on their technique over the years. However in all the time that man has been trying to attract women they have discovered some attraaction tchniques that always work. While there are many methods presented is an overview on how to keep the girl interested on the first phone call.

To create a feeling that you know each other well it is important to call her by her first name from the beginning of the call. Referring to each other projects the felling that you are already close, even if she doesn’t remember your name you need to use hers from the beginning.

You also need to be speaking with her assuming that she likes you, whether you know this to be true or not. Confidence is always appreciated and you need to project this over the phone.

You also do not want to be timid.

It is important to show that you are a dominant and self assured male. Just remember not to be domineering. Females can handle their own lives but they don’t mind if you are trying to show off your alpha male status a bit.

If you are really interested then an important fact to remember when learning how to attract girls is that you have to let her know you are interested in being more then just friends. Other things to try to convey in the first conversation is the ability to use the tone of your voice in place of body language, displaying your high social status, testing her a little, being playful and showing that you will be a bit of a challenge.

How to attract girls is not a skill you are born with but something that can be learned.

Trying to delve into the mind of women is difficult and intimidating so it can help to use methods that have proven to be successful in the past no matter what type of girl you are approaching. If you are looking for more ways to attract girls then Fireworks with females is an excellent eBook that provides you all the information you need.

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