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Ways To Encourage Your Guy To Get A New Hairdo

By Bennie Lloyd 0 Comment March 24, 2019

Some guys have almost everything that a girl could want – a great body, a nice personality, and a handsome look. Yet some of these guys still have problems in one area – hair. You might love everything about your guy, but if his hair is a turn-off, it can cause big problems.

If you simply can’t stand your man’s haircut anymore, there are ways to suggest that he make a change.

You’ll have to do it delicately, however, as men are often sensitive about their hair. You may find yourself without a guy at all if you decide to just tell him that his hair is ugly! Here are a few of the different problems that guys run into with their hair, and what you can do to fix them.

Thinning or Balding – Probably the most common hair problem facing men, it can be tough on their self-esteem since it’s unattractive to women. Thus, men pay incredible amounts of money for hair loss treatments, ranging from topical lotions to prescription pills.

If your man’s hair is thinning, you don’t have to bother pointing it out to him – rest assured that he already knows. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to reverse the process, so if it’s really an issue for you, you’ll have to either learn to accept it or move on to a new relationship.

The “Just Rolled Out of Bed” Look – if your man’s hair is naturally a bit messy and he always looks like he just climbed out of bed after a night out drinking, he may be doing it on purpose or he may be totally unaware that his hair is messy. If he can pull it off, that’s great, but not many can. Gently let him know that he needs a new look if the hairstyle isn’t right for him.

The Frizz – While guys have shorter hair in general, we still have a lot of the same problems that women do.

It’s also harder to convince us that it’s worth spending time and money to fix the messes on our heads.
Unless you’re dating a guy who’s really into looking sharp, you’ll probably have to teach him about hair products. Try mentioning that there are gels he can use to tame the frizziness, and help him pick one out.

The Shaved Look – Some guys choose to shave their heads because of their thinning hair, while others just think it looks cool. If your man doesn’t look good with a buzz-cut or a totally shaved head, try suggesting that he should grow it out a little.